Photo credit: Gulnara Samoilva

Photo credit: Gulnara Samoilva

10 Random Fact about myself

Place of birth: Spain                                                                     

Favorite children movie: Shortcircuit

Favorite summer movie: Dirty Dancing, 

Strongest addiction: Traveling and coffee

Favorite tree: Jacaranda

Most common word used to describe me: Enthusiastic

Place where I want to live when I retire: Manhattan, NY

Favorite restaurant in Tampa: Mise en Place

Favorite fruit: Pear

Favorite color: Green (it keeps changing though)

Happiest day of my life: My daughter's birth day

Saddest day of my life: When my brother Gigi passed away

Craziest day of my life: When I had to get my car towed by the military in the middle of the bushes in Malawi (Africa)


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