Those in between moments...

May 2017

Pass a Grille, St. Petersburg, Florida

Yes, some couples are so overwhelmed with all the emotions of their wedding day that sometimes giving them some direction when it comes to portrait photos is helpful. Yet still, I find that those tiny moments between one portrait and another portrait are really telling the story. Here is one of my favorite "in between moments" of Liz and Matt's wedding.

The sport event: giving documentary photography a chance (II)

Wouldn't be great to document the first  experiences of a sport that he/she will play and follow for life?  

Here is a sample of a  a fun weekly soccer practice for kids between 3 ad 4 year old made possible by  Soccer Shots Tampa. An organization that promotes soccer among children ages 2 to 8 years old nationwide. As you can see in the pictures, kids are encourage to learn sports and communication/ team building skills through fun exercises. It is an absolute blast! 

If little Lola keeps playing and following soccer for many years to come, she will cherish these images forever!


Zobel family: Fun beach times come rain or shine

Catherine Zobel contacted me a few months ago as she was planning her holidays in St Petersburg, Florida. At that time I just had my second baby and I was not sure that I would be ready to go back to work, but she was so kind and friendly that I could not say no.

I had the feeling it was going to be a great session. And it was indeed! We had so much fun that I actually ended up spending not one but two mornings with them at the beach. 

Thank you for working with me! I hope we repeat it again next year! 

The observant eye: giving documentary photography A CHANCE

My heart goes into documentary photography. I love the way pictures can tell a story. A story that will gain more and more value over the years, when certain routines, expressions,  daily games, etc disappear from our family lives and become a vague memory. Often times my clients prefer to take family portraits, but I often times convince them to try something different when I show them how I document my kid's life. On this occasion, I had the opportunity to document my daughter´s first ballet recital. I loved what I could see from my camera:  the moments of patiently waiting to go on stage, the way she played around with her friends, how all the mom's were doing their best to make their kids look beautiful in their tutus...

My favorite moment: when my daughter turned around and hugged her best friends seconds before going on the stage. She was so excited! 

During the recital, I had to stop being the photographer and I became the mom to cheer her up as she was doing her dance moves on the stage. 

If you are planning on taking special pictures of you kid/s, consider a 2 to 3 hours sessions documenting one of his/her favorite hobby. You will get a glimpse into their world in addition to wonderful environmental portraits.  


Looking through this year's images and selecting some was a great exercise to remember some of the fantastic moments I had the opportunity to capture for all these wonderful families. To them, THANK YOU for working with me and HAPPY 2017!! 

Thank you beautiful couples! Happy 2017

I have been so busy in the past few months that I found hard to find time to add some content to the blog, but I did not want to say goodbye to this 2016 without expressing my gratitude to all these beautiful couples who shared an exciting moment of their lives with me. Here are some highlights.  Some best of 2016 family portraits coming up soon! 





A year ago in Ghana

It has been so busy lately that I just realized I have not posted any picture of my travelings in a while. 

Traveling photography is still a strong passion of mine. A way of stepping out of my comfortable zone and try to understand the world through personal stories and journeys. 

Today I realized that a year ago I was in Ghana on a day like today, and I wanted to make a little tribute to its people and the wonderful stories they shared with me in this photo journal. 

"To travel is very useful, it makes the imagination work, the rest is just delusion and pain. Our journey is entirely imaginary, which is its strength."-Louis-Ferdinand Céline- Journey to the End of the Night

Honeymoon fun for Lisa and Rick

"Life with you makes perfect sense"-reads the tattoo that Lisa has in one of her legs... I could see why Lisa and Rick feel that way. We spent an hour together in Honeymoon Island during their honeymoon and their interactions, cuddles, kisses and smiles showed me that they were living one of the sweetest moments of their lives. 

I was not surprise to learn a few days ago that they are expecting. Congratulations!!!! 





Amanda & Matt Daniels

Amanda and Matt had wonderful memories of Sand Key Beach, Clearwater,  where they used to spend a lot of time when they first met. Relocated now in New Hampshire, a few years and two kids later; they decided to come back to their special place in the beach for a quintessentially Floridian wedding. Intimate, fun and full of emotions.


Ceremony: Sand Key Beach, Clearwater

Ceremony planner: Florida Gulf Beach Weddings  

Reception: Regency Hyatt

Florist: Thai Riffic Orchids

DJ: Grant Hemond and associates 

Congratulations Amanda & Matt!! 

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

The Lippincott-Dutcher family visit Treasure Island in Tampa Bay this past winter all the way from Wisconsin. It was a pleasure to see how these four sisters where enjoying the ocean for the first time. Coming from a beach town I can't remember when was the first time I saw the sea, but I certainly remember the first time I saw the snow when I was twelve years old. This session reminded me how great that experience was. 

Are you or any family member doing something for the first time soon (playing a sport, visiting a place, taking dance lessons?  I would love to capture it! 

 A big thanks to the  Lippincott-Dutcher Family for letting me be part of this great family time!



There are days where is hard to hold your tears...

What a moving wedding! Congratulations to Alison and Ryan! 

Summer splash fun is back!

Thank you Gelardi Family for working with me and allow me to capture such a great family time! 


Happy Birthday Isaiah!

This gorgeous baby is turning one very soon! Congratulations Brittney! For a happy mom and a happy baby!! 


Sarasota-January 2016

New year new logo!

So happy to find a website that materialized my idea of  a simple yet fun and appealing logo.  A great way to begin the year! 

Sunday Icons graphic by a href=httpwww.planetabhi.comAbhimanyu Ranaa from a href=httpwww.flaticon.comFlaticona is licensed under a href=httpcreativecommons.orglicensesby3.0 title=Creative Commons BY 3.0CC BY 3.0a.

Welcome smiley baby Noah!

There is nothing more fulfilling for a photographer that going back to clients to see how their life changed over the months. In this case, it was particularly special because it was the first time I met baby Noah after having a great experience taking maternity photos with his parents Elspeth and Miguel. These time at home, capturing every day life.  What a joy was to see smiley baby Noah playing with his parents, making sounds with his little drum, and even enjoying a little break in bed with mom and dad. I am glad the couple was comfortable enough to actually fall asleep with their baby while I was shooting. Parenting is the most amazing and exhausting experience!!  For many more to days like this...Congratulations Elspeth, Miguel and Noah!! 

Elspeth, Miguel and Baby Noah by Slidely Slideshow

Congratulations Sazan & James

 This couple had such a complicity and were so in love! They certainly did not need any guidance to be with each other in front of the camera. Everything was really natural and fun.  

Of course my favorite pictures are on display in this "Save the Date" that I design for them thanks to Paperless Post. These are the photos of their reaction in sequence when I asked the question: "Who is going to grow grey hair first?"-I always enjoy doing this "Couples Quiz Time" during the session. 

Congratulations Sazan & James!! 

Sazan & James. Plant City. October 2015 by Slidely Slideshow

Mini photo sessions, the right fit for beautiful announcements and Season Greetings.

For families with time  constrains, a mini photo session is a great fit! 

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Thank you for making it happen!

I was pleased to learn today that Captureology received the Best of Tampa Award 2015 from Thumbtack, a website that links clients and professional in all sort of areas. The company granted Captureology  this recognition based on client's reviews

Thank you for making it happen! 

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

What shines from the distance

Revetlla de Sant Joan, Tarragona, 2015

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Back home for the summer

One of the best things about going back home is being able to photograph your loved ones, not only your parents or brothers, but those friends from childhood. "One day, your child and my child will play together"- I used to tell my friend Cristina when we were 16 years old. Now, almost a couple of decades later, I have the opportunity to take pictures of her  beautiful son Martí, as he is about to turn one year old.  For many years of dreams. Happy birthday Martí!! 

Moltes felicitats Marti!!!! by Slidely Slideshow