documentary style sessions to tell the story of your family 

This is what I enjoying doing the most. In this documentary-style sessions nothing is staged or directed. I simply become a member of your family for some time to capture the essence of your family life.  I document for you those little moments of everyday life that will become precious in a few years.  Any moment can become a great visual family story. Daily life with your baby, your kids first ballet class,  grandma's visit from out of town...In this sample you will find a family on their daily routine: an "ordinary" day full of games, laughs and little acts of love that will be priceless memories in the future. 

I believe this is something every family should do at some point. It’s really amazing to look in on your real life. There just aren’t enough words to express how incredible it is to have this day captured. Documentary photography is absolutely priceless. Thank you, Captureology for these images! We will treasure them forever!
— Jodi Severe