Welcome smiley baby Noah!

There is nothing more fulfilling for a photographer that going back to clients to see how their life changed over the months. In this case, it was particularly special because it was the first time I met baby Noah after having a great experience taking maternity photos with his parents Elspeth and Miguel. These time at home, capturing every day life.  What a joy was to see smiley baby Noah playing with his parents, making sounds with his little drum, and even enjoying a little break in bed with mom and dad. I am glad the couple was comfortable enough to actually fall asleep with their baby while I was shooting. Parenting is the most amazing and exhausting experience!!  For many more to days like this...Congratulations Elspeth, Miguel and Noah!! 

Elspeth, Miguel and Baby Noah by Slidely Slideshow

Lola 361

Lola day 361

 A two days, one hour session with Lola as she is about to turn one: her first walks, her messy and fun meals learning to use the spoon and this special book time with grandma, who is visiting from out of state. Happy birthday sweet Lola! This photo session is a little gift that your parents will show you when you are all grown up!