Honeymoon fun for Lisa and Rick

"Life with you makes perfect sense"-reads the tattoo that Lisa has in one of her legs... I could see why Lisa and Rick feel that way. We spent an hour together in Honeymoon Island during their honeymoon and their interactions, cuddles, kisses and smiles showed me that they were living one of the sweetest moments of their lives. 

I was not surprise to learn a few days ago that they are expecting. Congratulations!!!! 





Countdown in Honeymoon Island

Honeymoon Island on a week day around this time of the year feels like a remote place, where hardly anyone can arrive. Its rocky shores, calm waters...it really feels like a lost island in the middle of the ocean...In this quiet setting Elspeth and Miguel felt really comfortable to have their pictures taken just few weeks before the arrival of baby Noah. I was very pleased to witness their excitement and capture some beautiful moments of their countdown. 



P.S: I love the song they chose for their slideshow. One of my favorites!  

Elspeth and Miguel by Slidely Slideshow